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When asked by Build Idaho’s Trey Langford during their August 2011 feature interview what makes Paradigm Construction Company such a successful custom home business, company co-founder Jim Larkin’s response couldn’t have been simpler and more effective – he said, “We just talk to the client.”

Isn’t that what we all want? When making plans to invest in anything personal – whether it’s something simple, like having a suit altered for your cousin’s wedding, or something life changing, like laying plans for your family’s custom home – invariably, the key factor is finding someone willing to talk to you and figure out exactly what you want.

According to economist Robert Murray, residential construction remains one of the hardest hit areas in the U.S. employment market, seeing only 2% growth in 2011 and just under 8% growth in 2010, most of which was due to an increase in demand for multi-family housing such as condominiums and apartment complexes. But even when faced with such grim development prospects, Paradigm held steady – they built and sold 50 custom homes in 2011, far exceeding expectations for similar construction companies in comparable market areas.

Part of what makes Paradigm stand out is their eye for architectural style – not only are their homes expertly crafted, they are also uniquely suited to each client’s wishes. One stellar example of Jim and Matt’s commitment to their client’s vision is a stunning 12,000 square-foot home in the Two Rivers community of Eagle, Idaho. The home includes custom copper roofing and a full-size basketball court with 26-foot ceilings, all done exactly to the proud homeowner’s specifications.

Jim and Matt have a knack for creating homes that embody Idaho’s gorgeous Treasure Valley perfectly – classically rugged with a polished, elegant finish. Their use of top grade wood and stone is masterful – the signature that makes it a Paradigm home.

If you’d like the opportunity to tour one of Paradigm’s outstanding custom homes, then be sure to join us at the 2012 Spring Parade of Homes, happening May 5 – 20.

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