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We could tell you about the obvious things one can look forward to during an Idaho spring: robins hopping around your yard and blackbirds singing in the trees, crocuses blooming in vibrant hues of yellow, purple, and white, the brilliant sunlight that arrives sooner and fades later each day……plenty of beautiful reminders from nature that the long summer days will soon be warming the heart of Treasure Valley.

But what about the excitement that’s stirring in the many quality local businesses here in Idaho’s capitol?

Paradigm Construction Company has been in the business of creating uncompromisingly unique custom homes for more than 7 years, and the company founders, Jim Larkin and Matt Knickrehm, have been building homes together since high school – that says a lot about how dedicated these men are to their craft. Now, with an unwavering reputation for setting the standard in superior custom home construction, Jim and Matt are gearing up for another standout presentation of their craftsmanship at this year’s Spring Parade of Homes.

During last year’s Fall Parade of Homes, Paradigm Construction’s stellar showcase home was among the most highly regarded dwellings, by both viewers and professionals in the business. This year’s Spring Parade of Homes showcase house from Paradigm promises to outshine all other homes in its class. Always comprised of the very best materials in home construction, and always built using a top-quality crew and original designs, Paradigm Construction Company’s homes consistently set and exceed the standard in quality Idaho homes.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to look us up next week for more on our 2012 Spring Parade of Homes showcase house.